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The 100% dry, Easy Access, Durable Deckbag

Get Warm And Dry With Our Luxury Change Robes

Airbelt Personal Flotation Device Now Available

Man getting changed with Red Original luxury change robe


Getting ready to hit the water used to have a few challenges from knowing what to wear to getting changed at the beach. We looked at improving every part of an adventure from luxury changing robes to technical clothing that looks great on and off the water.

Couple paddle boarding with Red Original accessories on board


All the equipment you need for the ultimate paddle boarding experience from water tight cool bags, waterproof deck bags and dry pouches to marine grade stainless steel bottles which you can use with one hand. Take your session to the next level with our high performance kit.

Couple having a camp fire with Red Original accessories


Getting warm and dry after an epic paddle is often a number one priority, but don’t forget to enjoy an ice cold drink as you recount the days adventure. Check out our range of gear to enhance that après-SUP experience and make it a day to remember!

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The Towel Changing Robe – not just for the beach!

May 2018

It goes without saying that the Red Original Luxury Towelling Robe is awesome for drying off and getting changed after a session on the water, whether you’ve been paddling, surfing or swimming, but there are many other ways you can get the most from this versatile... Read more

5 Essential Pieces of Kit For a Family Adventure

April 2018

Making sure you have the right kit for a great family trip not only ensures you'll be well prepared but it can also help to keep everyone happy! A number of us at Red have families, so we’ve asked our team to vote for what they think are the essential... Read more

Making the Coolest Cool Bag

March 2018

We were never interested in making a cool bag unless it was going to be a game-changer, and a game changer our Watertight Cool Bag absolutely is. Maybe you didn’t think you could have an ice cold drink at the very end of a long hot day... Read more